Merchant Cash Advance

Our goal is to remove the financial barriers that stand between you and the growth of your small business. Viking Payments does that by providing the small business capital you need to put your ideas in motion and your funds to work quickly. How quickly? You could be approved in 24 hours and receive your funds in as little as 7 to 10 days.

A merchant cash advance is a program that may provide your business with a sum of capital by purchasing a set amount of your future credit/debit card sales. Instead of making fixed monthly payments, Viking Payments works with your natural cash flow, automatically deducting a small percentage from your credit/debit card sales until the cash advance is repaid in full. This allows businesses the flexibility to make lower payments during periods when cash flow slows down.

Because our cash advance program is based on the strength of your business rather than the strength of your personal credit history, a low credit score typically will not prevent you from acquiring $5,000 -$500,000 in working capital by leveraging your future credit card sales.

  • Very high approval rate
  • Funding typically available in 7-10 days
  • Daily payments fluctuate with your cash flow

Bigger Possibilities Await.

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