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Payment Solutions

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The Viking Advantage:

Customizable Payment Solutions to Fit Your Business

  • 24/7 Professional & Personal Service
  • Affordable Rates
  • Ability to Service Multiple Verticals
  • Integration with Multiple POS Systems and Gateways
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment & Reporting
  • PCI Compliant
  • Easy Application Process

In-Person & Online Payments

Viking Payment Service equips your business with an affordable, cohesive, and simple way to accept credit card payments both online and in-person.

Credit & Debit Card Processing

Process credit card and debit card payments and easily manage each transaction with a customizable platform that keeps your brand front and center. Low transaction fees keep you competitive.


Accepting checks and ACH payments is simpler with Viking. Give your customers more options including “same-day” and “next-day” payments and batch cut-off times as late as 10pm CST. We also offer “instant funding”—a game changer for you and your customers.

Created Checks

Viking offers RCC payment options to existing ACH or card clients that strictly adhere to regulatory requirements. Our “Print-to-Paper” process can be seamlessly integrated with your existing ACH file formats and offers an alternative to traditional checks.

Integration and Data

Viking Payment Service offers credit card and payment solutions that integrate with existing systems. We give companies access to tools and data that make better decisions and bigger possibilities a reality.


Viking Payment Service offers multiple options for state-of-the-art equipment with POS systems and terminals that can be mobile, wireless, or ethernet connected. They include robust integrated marketing & reporting solutions to help you retain and grow your business.


Viking Payment Service offers you the ability to make compliance easy and affordable with PCI solutions that aren’t something you dread but can be easily handled and accessed.


Our application process is refreshingly simple, with our friendly staff available to walk you through each step, answer questions, and move you toward launch.


We have multiple US banking partners, so we can handle your vertical of business quickly & efficiently—all while offering you tremendous rates.

Wholesale, B2B

Across multiple industry verticals and for businesses of all sizes and platforms, our payment processing solutions give you access to the tools, financial infrastructure, and data you need to succeed.

Security for Your Business and Your Future

Every layer of your operation needs security. With Viking Payments, we expand your service to your customers while protecting the information they’re trusting you with. A more convenient experience for customers without comprising security of sensitive data.

Tools for Better Business

Viking Payments partners with your business, making it easier for you to do your job by giving you access to tools and resources that let you better serve your customers.

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