Wireless/Mobile Solutions

As conversations swirl about mobile commerce (mCommerce) and e-wallets becoming the standard form of consumer payment in the future, merchants need to meet today’s demands for mobile credit card processing and position themselves for what tomorrow may hold.

Accepting credit cards with a smartphone or tablet:
More and more merchants are discovering the financial benefit of having the capability to accept credit cards through a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. The flexibility of accepting remote payments seamlessly and securely through a portable device allows your sales efforts to extend far beyond your traditional retail store, whether that be a physical space or on the Internet.

Accepting credit cards from a wireless terminal.
There are still more traditional payment terminals that operate on the wireless networks. There are a myriad of mobile payment options designed for merchants that need the convenience of a mobile terminal, but with robust tools and reporting of a traditional credit card terminal.

Reasons to work with a traditional merchant service provider:
There has recently been a boom in the number of options available to individuals looking to accept credit cards using their mobile phones. However while these options are great tools for part-time or micro-merchants, many business owners will find that the limitations of not working with a traditional merchant service provider make these services a poor fit for their business. Working with Viking Payments allows business owners many attractive options such as chargeback support, next day funding, no hard caps on processing volume, and the additional security and peace of mind that comes with working with a processor that understands the credit card processing industry from top to bottom.

Bigger Possibilities Await.

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