Real Time Payments

Immediate loan funding with less friction, less fraud, less expense, provided by a trusted partner.

Real-time payments are instant payments that are processed immediately and continuously, 24/7. Unlike traditional payment systems, which can take hours or even days to complete transactions, The RTP Network and the newly created FedNow Service immediately transfer funds into a consumer’s bank account. This can occur within seconds of the transaction initiating, and the funds are immediately available to the recipient.

Two payment networks that are made for today

The Federal Reserve recently launched the FedNow payment network to compete with The Clearing House’s RTP. These two networks make it possible for Viking to provide new payment options designed specifically for the digital, on-the-go way we live and work today. VIKExpress payments made through the RTP® network and FedNow are fast and convenient, and work differently than credit or debit cards and other conventional payment methods.

Getting to know VIKExpress


VIKExpress payments are immediate. When your consumer or phone agent requests instant funding, funds will ordinarily move instantly from your account at Viking to the recipient’s account.

Less Fraud

You no longer need to obtain a debit card number, these transactions fund directly into the borrower’s checking account. That means you won’t be funding re-loadable cards that can’t be debited for loan repayment. This means fast and simple lending that consumers demand without the elevated risk of fraud.

Established Networks

The RTP instant funding network was established in 2017 and provides the foundation for widely accepted consumer tools like Zelle, Venmo, and CashApp. Between RTP and FedNow, 75% of consumers bank with participating institutions and that number is growing rapidly.

VIKExpress Pricing

While RTP and FedNow fees are generally higher than next-day ACH fees, they are significantly less than instant funding to debit cards. Viking offers competitive pricing for RTP that is lower than competitors offer.

Powerful & Secure APIs

Viking’s robust API solutions offer seamless integrated payments & transaction reporting. Integration is fast and easy with Viking’s proprietary API and sandbox tools.

Why Viking?

Viking was founded in 1969 and today is a diversified business services company. We are a leading provider of payment solutions to the lending industry and have been a dependable partner through the most challenging environments.

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