Vision, Mission, and Values

Viking Payments is a leader in payment processing and plays a vital role in building a culture of trust and innovation in our industry. From the methods we use to manage data to the processes we develop to meet our customers’ and clients’ unique needs, Viking Payments is committed to people and committed to good.

  • Integrity: Doing what’s right. Every time. 
  • Building a Reputation Over Time: Being consistently honest, consistently thorough, and consistently empowering.
  • The Best Work Force: Attracting and retaining superior employees with a stable and enjoyable work environment with wages and benefits above that of our competitors.
  • Results: Recognizing the direct correlation between solutions provided and dollars saved.
  • Satisfaction: Striving for 100% satisfaction for our clients.
  • Perspective: Realizing that our clients are the reason why we are in business.

Bigger Possibilities Await.

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