Famous industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie said on his deathbed, “Fill the other guy’s basket to the brim. Making money then becomes an easy proposition.” This is one of our founding principles and our business philosophy. It reflects our commitment to creatively crafting mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners.

These relationships start with spending a lot of time getting to know our partners, learning about their business and the issues they face, and constantly searching for ways to help them, make them happier, more productive, more profitable. We also help them get to know us by explaining our culture and values so they understand we’re not just being altruistic but are following a deliberate business strategy that yields tremendous results for everyone. The better you get to know someone, the more you can care about them. And we love our partners as much as our employees. Around here, it’s really hard sometimes to tell a partner from an employee. They’re all part of our family.

When you look at businesses dominating their niche, you find a focus on these types of synergies. After all, business is not a zero-sum game – someone doesn’t have to lose for someone else to win. When you operate a business this way, the universe conspires to assist you. You’re your partners’ favorite customer, they’re in it with you, they celebrate your successes right alongside you and all of your employees.

Whether you’re a national or regional association … bank or other financial institution … POS developer, reseller or dealer … or a referral service provider — look to Viking Payments for expertise in payment processing, as well as fair, fully disclosed pricing and unparalleled customer service. We offer sales programs that can train you to solicit your own customers, or let our experienced professionals take care of everything for you – from initial contact to install!

Referral Partner
Increase the services you offer your customers by bringing them a trusted merchant service provider. We work with a variety of different partners who are interested in adding another revenue stream while saving their customers money and increasing their level of service. Our Merchant Cash Advance program can also provide a source of financing for merchants who are making a large purchase from one of our partners

As an association, you can rely on Viking Payments to bring your members cost-effective solutions — at negotiated discounted rates — that provide greater efficiency to help them enhance their businesses.

Banks & Financial Institutions
If you’re a bank, you can rely on Viking Payments to help you increase client retention and grow your portfolio. Viking helps you offer expanded services by providing comprehensive, best-in-class payments processing, equipment, and ongoing customer service to your clients.

Software & POS Developers
As a developer, rely on Viking Payments to expand your reach when our national sales and servicing team promote your products. If you are a reseller or dealer, learn how you can get paid through our revenue-sharing programs exclusively for Viking Payments’ Affiliates. Learn More…

Bigger Possibilities Await.

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