Payment Solutions

Equipping Your Business with Affordable Payment Solutions

Viking Payments is an industry leader in the B2B Payments space. Providing competitive cost and the customizable payment solutions specific to your business needs is how we deliver savings and service that’s unparalleled in the payments industry.

Accepting payments for B2B transactions can be complex. As your partner in payments processing, Viking provides the technology and support you need to accept payments at the lowest possible cost. Our equipment and reporting tools provide all the features you need to seamlessly process transactions.

Level 2 & 3 Data

Credit card transactions that process Level 2 and Level 3 data allow you to capture more information from customers so that your transactions qualify for the lowest interchange rates and processing costs. Whenever possible, any business processing B2B/Corporate Card payments should submit levels 2 and 3 data. We can show you how!

Cloud-Based Solutions and Integrated Processing

The data that is captured through Viking Payments integrates seamlessly into your existing system, so that information from individual transactions, customers, purchase orders, or accounts is stored securely. From cloud-based software integrations to data security and management, Viking Payments keeps your business moving ahead with the services, solutions, and data that you — and your customers — need.

Secure/PCI Compliant

Highly regulated industries and services require data and information security as well as customer service resources that ensure that all of the information that is captured, processed, and stored remains properly encrypted, protected, and managed.

Electronic Invoicing

With Viking Payments Electronic Invoicing solutions, you can offer the convenience of online account management for your customers, colleagues, and partners. An easy-to-access and simple-to-use platform lets you conveniently manage your vendors’ and partners’ financial transactions with your company.

Bigger Possibilities Await.

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