Elevate Restaurant Efficiency: Revolutionize Back-of-House Workflow with POS

Elevate Restaurant Efficiency: Revolutionize Back-of-House Workflow with POS

While restaurant managers often prioritize streamlining front-of-house operations, the back-of-house (BOH) is equally, if not more, critical for overall success. Shifting focus to BOH management can yield significant returns, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. This article explores how implementing a robust Point of Service (POS) system can revolutionize back-of-house workflow, leading to seamless collaboration and improved results.

Enhancing Front and Back House Cooperation

Efficient cooperation between front and back house teams is vital for a smooth restaurant operation. A high-quality POS system goes beyond front-of-house duties, offering end-to-end management capabilities. It streamlines inventory, tracks orders, manages schedules, and simplifies accounting tasks, fostering better collaboration between the two departments. The result is faster order delivery and informed decision-making, ultimately boosting overall restaurant productivity.

Bump Screens: Time-Saving Management

A restaurant POS system equipped with bump screens significantly saves time and enhances management. These screens centralize operations, eliminating the need for pens and paper to track orders. The streamlined process accelerates order placement, aiding in swift and accurate food preparation. Integrated with data tracking and analysis, POS systems help monitor order delivery times and optimize kitchen processes, contributing to overall restaurant success.

Group Orders: Streamlining Complexities

Group orders pose a challenge for many restaurants, causing delays and confusion in the back house. A POS system addresses this by allowing front-of-house teams to aggregate table orders and send them as a single order to the kitchen. This systematic approach ensures organized preparation and efficient delivery, simplifying the process and enhancing customer experience.

Waste Management through POS

Efficient waste management is crucial in a busy kitchen. POS software aids in data analysis and inventory management, preventing overstocking and reducing waste. By tracking stock usage and providing timely updates, POS systems optimize inventory levels, minimizing the likelihood of food going to waste. This not only saves time and money but also contributes to a more sustainable and stable operation.

Embrace Sophisticated Tech for Inventory Management

Traditional methods of inventory management involving clipboards and manual tracking are outdated. The latest POS technology offers end-to-end solutions, allowing restaurant owners to manage inventory seamlessly from smartphones, tablets, or computers. Real-time updates prevent stockouts, while features like cost tracking and waste monitoring enhance decision-making, leading to improved profitability. The cloud-based nature of POS technology enables remote access to inventory management, adding flexibility to the process.


In conclusion, a well-implemented POS system is not only a front-house tool but a powerful asset for optimizing back-of-house activities. Whether managing group orders, minimizing waste, or embracing sophisticated tech for inventory control, the right POS system can revolutionize restaurant operations. Conducting thorough research to find a POS system tailored to specific needs is crucial for staying competitive and elevating restaurant efficiency. Explore how Viking’s feature-rich POS system can streamline your restaurant operations and set you apart in the competitive landscape.

December 13, 2023

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